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Garage Door Service in Goodyear, AZ

Whether you are only looking for a simple garage door repair or wanting a brand new garage door installed our team Garage Door Repair can provide you with service. We are happy to give the community of Goodyear, Arizona top quality service along with all the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us, so we can give you fast reliable same day service today.

What Is A Good Solution To A Garage Door That Gets Stuck

Do you ever feel like your garage door does whatever it wants? Maybe one day it works and the next it doesn’t open all the way. It could also seem as if it does good for a few days, then out of nowhere again it doesn’t want to close.

There are also some things you can check for on your own that are fairly easy to do so you can try and diagnose it on your own. Something can be easy to adjust on you own while some adjustments only need to be made by a professional. Here is a list of a few things to check for first before needing to contact a tech:

  • Are the tracks bending?
  • Do the rollers stay on the track all the way from top to bottom?
  • Does the door make a loud noise while your trying to open or shut it?
  • Has the eye sensor been damaged, knocked out of alignment, or have mud on it?
  • Is the weather seal on the bottom missing or torn?

Our team is always working their hardest for customers to help diagnose their problems, so they can get them fixed up quickly. If you ever discover your door is not working right, give us a call. We are always here to help you with all your garage door repairs.

What Does a Regular Maintenance Service Involve?

Our team always provides emergency services to all of the community of Goodyear, but we also like to tell homeowners about all the other services we offer for regular maintenance. Getting in the routine to having regular maintenance with our company can help you stay away from any emergency garage door situation. Simple things as just having a annual lube and tube done for your door can keep it running smooth for a long time.

When you receive a regular maintenance service from our team, you get your rollers, springs, and all moving parts lubricated. Some openers have a chain assembly which would also have to be lubricated as well as making any loose nuts or bolt adjustments if necessary. We do this to keep you garage door continue to run smoothly.

You Should Always Have Your Garage Door Serviced

We always tell our customers that it is best to have your garage door serviced yearly, whether you have concern or not. Some of our customers like to schedule their routine service during the spring while they are in the spring cleaning mood with their home and yard work, while some prefer the fall to prepare for colder weather.

At the time of the visit our techs will do the lube and tune while also inspecting for anything that may need adjusting. They will also check the tension on the spring and adjust it if needed. We know that no one like to have a garage door stop working out of the blue, so that is why we urge our customers to have it serviced regularly to keep in top shape. You will not regret keeping your service schedule and garage running smooth.

Call Us Today So We Can Help You!

Our friendly employs at Garage Door Repair are always here and quick to help you with all your garage door needs. We are happy to offer you service the same day you call, cause we know how important it is to have your garage door working like it should. Call Now!

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